Examples of defamation of character due to false accusation of sexual harassment


Five years after you were falsely accused of sexual harassment. You apply for a new job. You get an interview and it goes well. You gain the impression that you are in pole position to secure the job. You applied for the job via an agency, and the agency is confident also that you are the prime candidate.

References are required and you provide two. You are turned down for the job. You are sure that one of the referees must have said something wrong. This defamation of character occurred today. The false accusation of sexual harassment, credulously accepted by a manager, is in your personnel file directly damaging your job prospects years later.

A statement made as a result of an inadequate investigation by the HR department has been upheld in the courts to constitute Defamation of Character.


A colleague from your previous employer publishes statements about you to your friends. This can constitute defamation of character.